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2020 - 2022

CTO / Co-Founder / MD
(currently Advisor)

Building a computer vision mobile app from inception to production to serve 1000s of users. Hiring and leading 10 AI engineers. Securing 3M Euros to prepare the company for stable revenue growth.


Berlin, Germany

2018 - 2019

AI Engineer / Data Scientist

Rapid iteration of prototypes for external consulting projects. Meet regularly with C-level stakeholders. Initiate and manage a project for fraud detection with face recognition.

Peltarion (acq. by King)


2017 - Present

Data Science Consultant / Speaker / Startup Advisor

Professional speaker, content writer, ML engineer for Intel. Data scientist supporting analysis and technical due diligence for several early-stage startups (CV, NLP)

Intel, various Startups

2006 - Present

AI / Brain Researcher, Non-profit Co-Founder

Found an international oral history project website for over 600 translators (2014-2017). Published over 12 articles on AI and neuroscience research in international journals (Google Scholar).


2016 - 2018

University of Osnabrueck

M.S. in Artificial Intelligence (Neuroinformatics)



Radboud University

Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (Computational Neuroscience)

Netherlands (completed externally alongside full-time work)

2002 - 2008

University of Texas at San Antonio

B.S., M.S. in Biology


Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Go-to-Market Planning

Teamwork & Collaboration

Data Analysis & Software Engineering


English (native)

German (proficient)

Spanish (elementary proficiency)

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